Welcome to Habichatt 2.0

In a very real sense, our webpage is the front door for our affiliate to the world.    Like any front door, over time it gets to the point where it needs to be refreshed for maximum curb appeal.

When we set about the process of imagining a new website, a couple things were foremost in our minds.  The first was that we wanted people to be the dominate feature of the site.  We build homes, and we are incredibly proud of how many people we have served, but ultimately our work is about people – people working towards home ownership,  people crossing over boundaries to work alongside people of different, races, creeds and backgrounds, and especially about children and their future.

We also wanted to make it easier for you, our visitor, to connect with the information that is relevant to you, whether you want to support Habitat, volunteer, own your own home, or shop/ donate at the ReStore.     Our goal has been to make www.habichatt.org your single best point of connection to our work.

Our third goal for our new site,  is that it not just be something that is static, but that it is connected to communications channels that are of interest to you.  On each page you will find icons connecting to our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Pinterest pages (top right hand corner) as well as a sign-up form for our email newsletters.    For the first time, our page now contains a blog section, where news and information will be posted regularly.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site.   While we have worked hard to get it ready,  with any project like this, there are many pieces.   Everyone sees things and experiences them differently.  If you see something that we missed. that is confusing, or broken, please let us know!

Webpage Suggestions/ Comments: jlamb@habichatt.org




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