Jada’s Journey

Miracles STILL happen! Just ask Jada. The single mother of two preschoolers, Q’Mari and Q’Shiah, relies heavily upon her family to help her navigate working full time, continuing her college education and pursuing her dream of homeownership. It was Jada’s mother who encouraged her to consider Habitat. Her father added to the excitement by saying he could purchase property to donate to Habitat on which to build her home. There was just one tiny problem: Jada and her parents wanted her to live in the Highway 58 area to be near her support system. But, Habitat does not typically build homes in this section of town. Then, the miracle happened.

Jada’s mother saw an auction sign for a piece of property in the family’s desired location. The lot was perfect! It was right around the corner from Jada’s aunt, and not too far from her grandmother. “My mama actually took the sign down because she didn’t want anyone else to get it!” Jada laughed. In the end, her dad placed the winning bid which was just slightly over the max he was prepared to spend!

“There was this one contractor that bided $35,000 on one property, and he didn’t even win,” Jada said. This same contractor also had his eye on “her” lot. While the cost of Jada’s property was very reasonable, she said it was a miracle that this contractor stopped bidding when he did. “My mama called me from the courtroom, whispering, ‘We won! We won!’ ’’ Once the auction sale was official, Jada celebrated her birthday by taking pictures on the site of her future Habitat home.

Jada, who currently lives near Highway 58 with her mother, sister and children, said she can’t wait to experience the joys of homeownership for herself. When she purchases her house, it will be the first time she’s ever lived on her own.

“I’m looking forward to having my own kitchen to cook. This may sound crazy, but I’m looking for-ward to having my own floor to clean and my own

bills to pay,” she said. “And, I’m looking forward to my kids having their own backyard to be able to play.”

With the soaring costs of rental housing, Jada saw Habitat as the best option for her family.

“I thought about apartments, but they were (expensive). I want-ed to do something that would fit into my budget with two young kids,” she explained.

Jada admits that juggling everything she has on her plate – earning 350 sweat equity hours and saving for her closing costs, on top of school, work and mother-hood – gets trying at times. “The challenging part is making sure I come in to Habitat each week. Some-times, I lose motivation and I want to give up,” she confessed. “But the best part is having yall (Habitat staff) to motivate me. I know it’ll all be worth it when I get my house.” It most definitely will!