Torri Scott – City of Chattanooga – Completed

TOri“It was all God!” That’s a phrase Torri Scott uses quite frequently when sharing her testimony. Torri grew up in a loving, single-mother household along with her brother and sister. However, the family lived in numerous rental apartments and homes all over Chattanooga. Then, after graduating high school, Torri seemed to settle down a bit while attending college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She graduated with a degree in business/marketing in 2007 and immediately landed a job in Nashville. Only there for a short time, Torri realized the job just wasn’t a good fit. So, she ended up moving back home to live with her mother the following year. Then three months after returning to the Scenic City, she said one of those “God things” happened and she successfully secured another job.

Over the next few years, life was good. Things got even better in 2012 when Torri got reconnected with church. But by the end of that same year, she discovered she was pregnant. And when Torri was 10 weeks along, the doctors said there was a “great chance” she would miscarry. “Here I was pregnant, then on bed rest (at 24 weeks) and with no income because the job I was working at the time didn’t offer any benefits,” she said. “I had to depend on mom again, but we made it. It was all God!”

Anthony Jr., affectionately called Toney, was born in July 2013. That’s when things really changed. “I’m totally different. I wasn’t too much of a bad girl or a party girl, but I’m more focused on Toney and more closer to God now than I’ve ever been. I take things more seriously now. Everything is about our future.” For awhile, the future looked rather uncertain for Torri and Toney. Two weeks before she was scheduled to return to work from maternity leave, she learned her job assignment was ending. Then, on the last day she was scheduled to clock in, she got a call from a local hospital offering her a new job! Yes, it was all God!

Now a new mom with a new job, Torri began to think even harder about the future. That’s when Habitat for Humanity entered the picture.

What brought me to Habitat was Anthony. I was content living with my mom, but I wanted my son to witness the American Dream and see the importance of owning our own home. I wanted something where we could create memories and to ensure that he has something of his own when I’m no longer on this earth – something for him and his family.”

Not long after being accepted into Habitat’s program, Torri was blessed with yet another job at Blue Cross Blue Shield. Then, you guessed it, another God thing happened! Torri knew a family friend who owned a Habitat home. “I saw that house as a little girl and thought it was so nice, and now I get to experience that,” she said. In fact, Torri felt the Lord led her to a vacant property near this friend’s home that would be the ideal place to raise Toney. As it turns out, Habitat was able to purchase the lot, and the rest is history. “I don’t boast or brag about my story, but I tell my friends they’ve got to have faith,” she said, adding that John 11:40 says it all: Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the Glory of God? Amen

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