Mouzon & Mary Alice Peters Memorial Build – Kamesha Good – Completed

Kamesha Good (Center) with (L to R) Dennis Neal, Doug Warner, Sandra Warner and Dave Butler

Kamesha Good (Center) with (L to R) Dennis Neal, Doug Warner, Sandra Warner and Dave Butler

Kamesha Good has no sad stories to tell.  She and her 8 year old son Myles are living a life of gratitude and are thankful for all of the blessings on their horizon.

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Kamesha and Myles formerly lived in a studio apartment riddled with mildew and poor air quality. The unhealthy living conditions mad it hard for Myles, an asthmatic, to breathe and causes frequent nose bleeds.  Kamesha had to work double time to afford the equipment necessary to improve and control the air quality of her home, as well as to pay for the regular doctors’ visits, where Myles received breathing treatments, “I called him the ‘Co-pay Kid’,” she says. A mother’s love and concern for the health and well-being of her son was Kamesha’s motivation to provide “a place where he could breathe easy.”

Having heard about Habitat from a co-worker, who is now a Habitat homeowner, Kamesha ultimately saw an opportunity to improve the health and housing of her family through Habitat’s homeownership program. Empowered by the vision of a new and healthy home, and encouraged by the zero-interest financing, she took on a second job, cleaned up her finances, and applied to Habitat, “This is a stepping stone…I appreciate everything Habitat has to offer.”

Now, as a Partner Family, Kamesha is committed to fulfilling her sweat equity hours and is anticipating helping to build her new house. She agrees that nothing is being given to her, except the opportunity to work towards being a homeowner, “this is not a hand out; it’s a hand up.” A big proponent of volunteerism, she finds time to volunteer and donate to various charities around Chattanooga. Being a volunteer gives her an even greater appreciation for the “awesome” volunteers that will be giving of their time, resources, and effort to build her home.

Once in her new house, Kamesha looks forward to scaling back to one job and going back to school, “This is just the beginning, and there’s more to come…through God, all things are possible.”

Kamesha and Myles’ Home was built

in Memory of Mouzon and Mary Alice Peters

thanks to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Doug Warner

Additional funding, support, Services or Materials provided by:

 Chattanooga Area Volunteers

Daughters of the American Revolution, Chief John Ross Chapter

DOW Chemicals

The Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Chattanooga Chapter

The HART Gallery

Square D

State Farm Insurance -Hamilton Co. Agents

St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church

Two Men and a Truck

Valspar Paint

Whirlpool Corporation

Yale Locks