Kori Wyatt – Alling Family – Completed

Hard working, generous, kind, determined. These traits all describe Kori Wyatt perfectly. Kori has always had to work hard for the things she’s wanted in life. Having her first daughter, Kayunna, at the tender age of 16, she knew she had to do everything she could to provide for her family. Kori was an  excellent student and enjoyed academia, so  graduating high school was a top priority for her. She was even offered scholarships to multiple colleges! But because of the struggles of raising her young daughter and moving into her first apartment, she decided to put college on hold.

Kori knew that someday she wanted to become a homeowner because of the difficulties she had  experienced growing up in rental apartments –witnessing violence in the neighborhood, problematic landlords, and the need for extensive home repairs. She was determined to provide abetter opportunity for her family so she started researching Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program. She quickly realized that this would be the perfect opportunity for her growing family.

Kori loves to attend Habitat’s homeowner education classes – even recording them so her fiancé, Willie, can listen and learn, too! She says she loves the encouraging environment that HabiChatt cultivates. But finding time for her “sweat equity” hours – between caring for her family and working full time- has not been easy. “I’m definitely learning time management skills,” she says. Not only is she working toward getting her house, she’s also working toward earning her degree in Health Information Technology from Devry!

On top of that, she finds time to spend with her daughters, Kayunna, and Emari, and her soon-to-be stepson, Willie. Although this season of her life is hectic, Kori is excited to see all her hard work come to fruition. She’ll be moving to The Villages at Alton Park – just a few streets from here she’s currently renting.

Kori can’t wait to start helping with construction on her Habitat home. “I’ll be able to say that I helped build my own home. I’ll be able to have my family over, and it will feel like a home,” she says. But there is one thing she is most excited about: “Only smelling the food that I cook and not my neighbors’ cooking!”

Kori is thankful to HabiChatt, her family and, her friends for the support they’ve shown along her journey.

Now, she’s almost home!


Funding for Kori Wyatt’s Home provided by:

The Alling Family


 Additional funding, support, Services or Materials

 provided by:

Chattanooga Area Volunteers

Daughters of the American Revolution, Chief John Ross Chapter

 DOW Chemicals

The Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Chattanooga Chapter

The HART Gallery

Procter & Gamble

Square D

St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church

Two Men and a Truck

Valspar Paint

Whirlpool Corporation

Yale Locks