Kenneth McCullogh – City of Chattanooga – Thrivent Financial – Completed

Kenneth “Kenney” McCullough has always wanted to make his mom proud, especially for the determination and strength it took for her to raise five boys all by herself. And going through the process of becoming a Habitat homeowner is the perfect way to demonstrate his diligence and dedication.

Kenney and his brothers were born and raised here in Chattanooga. He grew up in Alton Park where he will be returning once his Habitat home is finished in The Villages at Alton Park.

Kenney said he has gone through different struggles in his life, but it’s only taught him that life is too great a gift to settle. He grew up watching his mom work two jobs in order to take care of the family. He said he appreciates all that she has done for him and his brothers.

After enduring some tough times, Habitat has really been a light onto Kenney’s path. These days, his mother’s smile is also brighter now that he’s well on his way to becoming a first-time homeowner!

“By being in the program, it made me feel alive again. I felt like I was dying before. I’ll finally have a decent place to live,” he said. “It gave me hope that I could live a decent life with a home I can afford. It picked my spirits up.”

The most exciting part of completing this journey, Kenney said, is “to be able to turn the key to my own door, walk through my own home, eat dinner at my own house, and to be in a place I can call home. It’s a dream come true!”  He’s also excited about the prospect of creating art for his new home as Kenney is a very talented artist who has big visions for what the inside will look like as well.

Going through the process of becoming a homeowner hasn’t always been easy, Kenney admitted.

“The most challenging part about being in the program is struggling to get in (to the Office) and do the hours,” he said. “But if you want something bad enough, you will bear through it. I keep        visualizing the outcome, and I know it will all be worth it in the end.”

Kenney said his personal ambition, along with the  admiration of his mother’s hard work, is what keeps him going. And, he’s looking forward to his Habitat Dedication where he can see his mom’s smile shine even brighter!


Funding for Kenney’s Home Provided by:

City of Chattanooga, Office of Economic and Community Development, Andy Berke, Mayor


Southeast Tennessee Northwest Georgia Chapter, Thrivent Financial®

Members of Chattanooga Area Lutheran Congregations:

Ascension Lutheran Church

Christ the King Lutheran Church

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church

Faith Lutheran Church

First Lutheran Church

First Lutheran Church (Cleveland)

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Resurrection Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church

Belvoir Christian Academy


Additional funding, support, Services or Materials provided by:

Chattanooga Area Volunteers

Daughters of the American Revolution, Chief John Ross Chapter

 DOW Chemicals

The Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Chattanooga Chapter

The HART Gallery

Procter & Gamble

Square D

St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church

Two Men and a Truck

Valspar Paint

Whirlpool Corporation

Yale Locks